#NatsHats: Introduction

If you have to wear something on your head to keep the sun out of your eyes while flying, you might as well show off a bit of your personality at the same time, right?  Modelers of yesteryear certainly thought so!

Over the course of the 2014 Nats, the museum will share some of these shady styles from our collection.  Posts will occur every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, July 7 to August 8, 2014.  Visit the museum's facebook page, or follow along on the blog.

Check out all the headgear by clicking through the posts below.

#NatsHats: Art’s Pith Helmet

#NatsHats: Some Like it Plain

#NatsHats: 1986 Nats Cap

#NatsHats: 1979 Nats Caps

#NatsHats: Two Trick Hats

#NatsHats: 1956 Nats Pith Helmet

#NatsHats: Bob Scott’s Pith Helmet

#NatsHats: One Trick Hat

#NatsHats: 2005 Nats Cap

#NatsHats: 1994 Nats Cap

#NatsHats: Dan Garfinkel’s Trick Hat 

#NatsHats: 1992 Nats Cap

#NatsHats: Larry Jenno’s Contest Helmet

#NatsHats: A Flying Hat

#NatsHats: Jim Walker’s Helmet

Share a picture of your own personal shade by using the #NatsHats at the AMA’s Twitter account, or the museum’s Facebook.

For more information on the National Model Aviation Museum, including our location, hours and admission fees visit: www.modelaircraft.org/museum

For more information on the 2014 Nats visit: www.modelaircraft.org/nats

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