#NatsHats: Larry Jenno’s Contest Helmet

Larry Jenno was so proud of his pin collection and years in the hobby that he showed it off on his head.  The pins represent about twenty years of modeling and other activities.  And, yes, it is as heavy as it looks.

This wicker pith helmet is covered in approximetely 100 lapel pins, of all types.The right side of the pith helmet.  There is actually some open space here.The back of the pith helmet, with some big pins.The left side of hte pith hemet shows off his "Pioneer" name tag from the Quarter Scale Associatoin of AmericaA detailed look at some of the pins, including one from a visit to the Liberty Bel CenterMore lapel pins, including one from the 1994 Las Vegas Balloon Classic, and the 1998 Model Airplane Southwest RegionalsA Blue Angels 40th Anniversary pin, a pin of a spark plug and the 1990s Sam Champs pin are some of the pins on this section of hat.

Looking at the pith helmet from the top, it is very clear just how many pins are on this hat.

Image Credit:  Larry Jenno’s Contest Helmet, National Model Aviation Museum Permanent Collection.  Donated by Larry Jenno, 2008.35.01.

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