#Natshats: Jim Walker’s Helmet

Jim Walker was famous for his ability to fly multiple Control Line models at one time.  He typically flew one in each hand, and one from his helmet.  Rumor has it he even flew one from his belt buckle.

His helmet is rigged so the “handle” is on the right side, just above his ear.

Does anyone have any pictures or memories of Jim performing one of his demonstrations?

A worn brown-gold helmet with attached control line handle above the right ear.A close up of the handle mechanism on the helmet.A side view of the helmet showing the handle and wire.  The helmet extends down over the ears, and the handle rests just above the ear.The back of the helmet extends down over the neck.  It is a brown-gold color, and very worn.Image Credit: Jim Walker’s Helmet, National Model Aviation Museum Permanent Collection.  Donated by the American Junior Aircraft Historical Society Inc., 2003.44.04.

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