#NatsHats: Bob Scott’s Pith Helmet

Bob Scott also attended the 1956 Nats, although his helmet wasn’t quite as elaborate as Johnny Schneider’s.

Bob Scott's bright orange pith helmet features his name and AMA number (701) on the front.

Bob seemed to be a bit more concerned about what would happen if he lost his hat.  A lost aircraft sticker is on each side of the helmet.  Hopefully there were enough spare stickers that one actually wound up on his model!

Two gold colored stickers with red text are on the right and left sides of the hat. The stickers encourage those who find a lost model airplane to return it to the Dallas Naval Air Station.
The sticker reads:
“Model Airplane Championship
Please return this plane to:
U.S. Naval Air Station
Dallas, Texas
as soon as possible.
We are competing in this contest and must make more flights. Call or leave telephone number or address. Thank you very much.

Credit: Bob Scott’s 1956 Nats Pith Helmet, National Model Aviation Museum Permanent Collection.  Donated by Bob Scott, 2006.39.03.

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