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#FantasyFreeFlight: Winners! 1915 National Model Aeroplane Competition

Congratulations to the Green Club, or the Illinois Model Aero Club, for winning the 1915 National Model Aeroplane Competition. “We have received notice from the Aero Club of America that we have been awarded the Villard trophy, which was to go to the model club having the highest average in […]

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#FantasyFreeFlight: Hydro-Launched Duration Event Preview

#FantasyFreeFlight event update:  Up until the national contest, C.V. Obst held the world’s record for hydro-launched duration.  He set the record with this “flying boat.” Too bad he is unable to compete in the Gray Club’s Hydro-Launched Duration event during the national contest since it was re-scheduled due to bad […]

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#FantasyFreeFlight: Fantasy Competition Information

This summer the National Model Aviation Museum is hosting an on-line event titled “#FantasyFreeFlight” based off of the 1915 National Model Aeroplane Competition.  (Learn more about the structure of the competition here). •    Each week, we’re going to post the competitors that competed in each of the three events in […]

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