#NatsHats: Art’s Pith Helmet

The original blue color of this pith helmet wasn’t bright enough for Art Laneau.  So, he decided to add some glitter.

A blue pith helmet that is covered in red, white, gold, blue and green glitter pen.  The front of the hat has the name Art Laneau

The right side of Art's Pith helmet. There are alternating lines of color on the brim, zigzagged by gold lines.

The back of Art Laneau's pith helmet has blocks of glittery-red breaking up the lines.

The left side of Art's pith helmet mirrors the pattern on the right side.

The detail of the top of Art's pith helmet show a diamond pattern.

Credit: Art Laneau’s Pith Helmet, National Model Aviation Museum Permanent Collection.  Donated by Arthur Laneau, 1996.64.01.

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