#NatsHats: 1979 Nats Caps

At the 1979 Nats, if you weren’t lucky enough to get one of the yellow “Official” caps with the logo printed on it, then you were even luckier because you got a host of other colors to choose from.A bright yellow cap with the 1979 Nats logo screen printed in a white area on the front of the cap.


4 brightly color baseball caps with the 1979 Nats logo - a smiling ear of cord -patch glued onto the front of the cap.
Credit: 1979 Nats Caps, National Model Aviation Museum Permanent Collection. Found in Collection (all), 2006.02.08, 2006.02.01, 2006.02.03, 2006.02.04.

Between the bright, primary colors and the smiling ear of corn, you can’t help but look at these caps and be happy.

A bright red cap with a patch glued onto the front brim.  The 1979 Nats patch features a smiling ear of corn.

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