#NatsHats: 1994 Nats Caps

Baseball caps can be decorated, too.  I’m just not sure what is exactly that is decorating Bill Calkins’ – he’s the guy on the far right in this picture.

Update:  Apparently the decoration actually serves a purpose, as it is Bill’s hearing protectors.  Thanks, BIll, for letting us know!

Several people gather around looking at a CL model.  The person holdin the model is wearing a white cap with a red and blue decoration on the side.
Image Credit: National Model Aviation Museum, Lee Renaud Memorial Library Collection. Perry, Dick. “Control Line Navy Carrier.” Model Aviation, vol. 20, no. 12, December 1994, pg. 88.

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    1. Thanks, Bill for the clarification. Since I could only see half your head and the photo was taken from a distance, it was hard to tell.

      Decoration or not, it sure adds a a little “something” to your cap.

      Do you have good memories of the 1994 Nats?

  1. HI, Thanks for sharing those pictures .I certainly miss Bill everyday .Thanks again for all your help getting Bill’s planes and equipment to someone that could use them. I remember making those boxes and getting PSL to foam them for me. I’m happy to say that every single plane got to the buyer in perfect condition.
    75 % of the engines were sold in Argentina. They must have a lot of model airplane flyers.
    Hopefully all is well with you and yours. Regards, Lois Melton

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