#NatsHats: Dan Garfinkel’s Trick Hat

Words fail to describe Dan Garfinkel’s ornithopter pith helmet.  You really need to see it to believe it.

The back of the pith helmet has a pair of working ornithopter wings, powered by a battery on the underside of the hat.Dan Garfinkel's pith helmet is covered in various stickers. The most prominent on the front is "DAN" and the NAA logo.

Yes! That is a working set of ornithopter wings on the reverse of the helmet.  The wings are powered by a battery set-up hidden beneath the brim of the hat.

The left side of the pith helmet as "AMA" in big letters several times.AMA logos and US flags decorate the right side of the pith helmet.

On the front brim of hte hat is a large American Legion stickerSeveral different types of 1980s AMA decals, as well as an added white tag with Dan's name.

Tiny decals for oil companies, including STP and Mobile are tucked around other decals.More tiny decals, including one for "Special Delivery"

A set of four tractors on the top of the pith helmet move in a circle when the battery is on.The top view of the hat shows the decals, ornithopter wings and the small tractors that circle while the wings flap.

A 1st place detail, and bright reflector stickers are around the edge of the brim.On the back of the pith helmet, very nearly hidden by the ornithopter is a sticker that reads, "Malfunction"

The interior of the hat, showing how the wiring is tucked under the brim.Dan's name on the front of the pith helmet is surrounded by 5's.

Image Credit (all):  Dan Garfinkel’s Pith Helmet, National Model Aviation Museum Permanent Collection. Donated by Dan Garfinkel, 1996.57.05.
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