#FantasyFreeFlight: Hydro-Launched Duration Event Preview

#FantasyFreeFlight event update:  Up until the national contest, C.V. Obst held the world’s record for hydro-launched duration.  He set the record with this “flying boat.”

Picture: “The C.V. Obst flying boat model which holds the World’s record for a model of this type. Note how the main pianes(?) attach quite far back on the hull with the wing tip pontoons attached so that they touch the water. Also how the (?) inclined to keep the propellers above the water.” (Phipps, Walter H., ed. “Model News Column,” Aerial Age Weekly, May 10, 1915.)

Too bad he is unable to compete in the Gray Club’s Hydro-Launched Duration event during the national contest since it was re-scheduled due to bad weather.   (“Model News Column,” Aerial Age Weekly, May 10, 1915 and October 4, 1915)

How about your competitors?  What type of model do you think they are flying?  See the list of competitors here, and don’t forget to share your picks using the #FantasyFreeFlight hashtag.


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