#FantasyFreeFlight: Hand-Launched Distance Event Preview

“According to reports being received daily at the Aero Club of America, the Big National Model Aeroplane Competition promises to be a great success.  Already the leading clubs report that their members are working feverishly to get their models in shape for the first contest” (“Model News Column,” Aerial Age Weekly, August 2, 1915)

Wallace A. Lauder of the Orange Club is working hard on his design!  Are your competitors feverishly on models like this?

A 3-view of a A-frame pusher model airplane.
An A-Frame pusher of the type commonly flown in distance meets. This one was designed and built by Wallace A. Lauder. (Cavanagh, G.A. and Harry Schultz, ed. “Model News Column,” Aerial Age Weekly, September 27, 1915.)

Who are your #FantasyFreeFlight competitors? (Don’t have any yet?  Find the list here!)  Share your competitors using the #FantasyFreeFlight hashtag.


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