#FantasyFreeFlight: R.O.G. Duration Event Preview

Alfred K. Barker lived near two clubs and was a member of both. For the Hand-Launched Distance and Hydro event he competed for the Yellow Club. For the R.O.G. Duration event he’s decided to compete for the Gray Club. Is he on your team for the #FantasyFreeFlight R.O.G. event?

He flew this model 1,990 feet in the Hand-Launched Distance contest, winning 2nd place. Keep your fingers crossed (or not, if he’s not in your club!) he does just as well with R.O.G.!

A pen drawing of a complete A-frame pusher and several smaller drawings of the construction details.
Alfred K. Barker’s Distance model airplane. (Cavanagh, G.A. and Harry Schultz., eds. “Model News Column,” Aerial Age Weekly, October 18, 1915.


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