#FantasyFreeFlight: Fantasy Competition Information

This summer the National Model Aviation Museum is hosting an on-line event titled “#FantasyFreeFlight” based off of the 1915 National Model Aeroplane Competition.  (Learn more about the structure of the competition here).

•    Each week, we’re going to post the competitors that competed in each of the three events in the competition.
•    You choose four of these competitors to be in your fantasy club.
•    Each competitor will win points based on how well they placed in their 1915 club’s contest.  “Advantage” points will be given (or taken away) for outstanding results (or misdeeds).
•    The total of all the points your four competitors earn is your fantasy club score for that contest.
•    Here’s an example, using those of the Concord Model Aero Club, which is not one of the eight clubs part of #FantasyFreeFlight.

For the Concord Model Aero Club, Henry Schult took 1st place and earned 4 Fantasy free flight points; Waid Carl in 2nd place earned 3 Fantasy Free Flight points; Carl H. Bean in 3rd place earned 2 Fantasy Free Flight points and Benjamin Smith in last place earned 1 Fantasy Free Flight point.Just to know:

  • #FantasyFreeFlight is not an official contest, and the AMA is not keeping track of your club. This is for fun and bragging rights on social media only.
  • 18 clubs participated in the first National Model Aeroplane Contest, but only eight of these clubs regularly posted their results to Aerial Age Weekly, although not all of these eight clubs posted their results for all three contests. Competitors will only be listed for the events they competed in.
  • It is historical knowledge that the Illinois Model Aero Club won the Villard Trophy in 1915. Thus, to stop everyone from only every choosing the IMAC members, the clubs have been assigned color names at random – for example, the Orange Club.
  • There were several mistakes and typos in the results published in Aerial Age Weekly. After sorting through everything and doing a lot of math, museum staff can confidently say these typos (except in one instance) did not change who won any of the events. Thus, the results are being shared as is, direct from Aerial Age Weekly, typos and all.

Interested in participating? Great! The competitors and scorecard for the first event, Hand Launched Distance, will be posted on 7/16/2015. Don’t forget to share your club and brag about it on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #FantasyFree Flight.

link to main information page for #FantasyFreeFlight

For more information on the National Model Aviation Museum, including our location, hours and admission fees visit: www.modelaircraft.org/museum

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