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New Scale Exhibit Opens at National Model Aviation Museum

By Rachelle Haughn, If you visit the National Model Aviation Museum in Muncie, Indiana, this summer, you might notice something dramatically different about one exhibit area. The first change that you could see is the absence of the theater. In 2021, AMA employees demolished the theater area. In the […]

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New Addition: Surveryor’s Wheel

Besides model airplanes, the museum also collects artifacts that help tell the modeling story. One such artifact, a surveyor’s measuring wheel, arrived at the museum on 10/20/2017. Watch museum staff open the box and see the surveyor’s wheel for the first time on the museum’s Facebook page, Why a […]

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Cover Blast: Model Aviation covers, pt. 8

The last of a week-long blast sharing some of the best Model Aviation covers from the 1930s – 1960s. Want to see all the best of the Model Aviation covers? Cover Blast, pt. 1                                                          Cover Blast, pt. 2 Cover Blast, pt. 3                                                          Cover Blast, pt. 4 Cover Blast, […]

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