#FantasyFreeFlight: Hydro-Launched Duration Competitors

The second event making up the 1915 National Model Aeroplane Competition was Hydro-Launched Distance.

FantasyFreeFlight-Logo1According to reports, some clubs are having problems finding enough space to fly this event properly, which means there is a shortened list of competitors this time.  See them all and choose your fantasy club by downloading the scorecard now!  Don’t forget to share your picks using the #FantasyFreeFlight hashtag!

Hydro-Launched Duration Competitors

Name                      Member of:
Reginald B.              Blue Club
Horace Dean           Blue Club
William P. Dean        Blue Club
Maurice Guy            Blue Club
Ellis Cook                 Green Club
Lindsay Hittle          Green Club
Ward Pease            Green Club
William Schweitzer    Green Club
Dwight Bourn          Indigo Club
Hamer Smith            Indigo Club
Frank Barney          Purple Club
Lawrence Garrich    Purple Club
Robert La Tour         Purple Club
Rene Valadon          Purple Club
Alfred K. Barker      Yellow Club
James Barker          Yellow Club
George Bauer         Yellow Club
Harry Schultz         Yellow Club


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