WAA-08 Exhibit: The SQuiRT

Wings Across America 2008:  The Journey of the SQuiRT, The SQuiRT Itself

The SQuiRT, (Simple-Quiet-Robust-Trainer) an electric Park Flyer model was selected the best choice of a model to ship around the country as part of the Wings Across America 2008 event due to its sturdiness and simplicity.  The WAA-08 SQuiRT was donated to the project by the designer, by Bill Stevens of Stevens AeroModels.

The SQuiRT suffered at least one major crash and some minor flight mishaps and traveling problems and needed a few repairs while on the road.  Overall, though, the SQuiRT survived the journey in great shape.

The SQuiRT model airplane is posed as if flying towards the viewer in the Wings Across America 2008 exhibit.
The WAA-08 SQuiRT on exhibit.

There’s so many great photographs of the SQuiRT that it is impossible to share all of them.  Here’s a (very!) small selection of a few photos taken during its journey.

The SQuiRT has skis for landing gear and they've left some interesting patterns in the snow.
Pilot 263, Richard C. had to use the skis to take off from snow.
The SQuiRT flying over snow covered ground.
It was a cold, but beautiful day when the Sydney Plane Folks flew the SQuiRT.
The SQuiRT rests on a bush in front of a historical marker for Bowman Field.
The SQuiRT visited the Bowman Field Historical Marker near Pilot #360 Mark M.’s house.
A man flys the SQuiRT while two young girls watch.
The SQuiRT being flown on a gorgeous fall day by Pilot #360, Mark M.
The SQuiRT flys with the Wright memorial at Kitty Hawk in the background
Pilot #403, Shane W. flew the SQuiRT at Kitty Hawk, NC.

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