WAA-08 Exhibit: Artifacts

Wings Across America 2008: The Journey of the SQuiRT, Fun Artifacts

The SQuiRT’s travel case not only contained the necessary flying equipment, but also some other items, just for fun.

A close-up of one of the Wings Across America 2008 exhibit's shelves.  The items displayed are a hot dog squeker dog toy, a Squirt soda can, a DX-6 transmitter, a container used to collect money for the project and a WAA-08 patch and sticker.
Along with the SQuiRT model airplane, the travel case also contained some necessary equipment, as well as things just for fun.

Frank included the dog toy in the travel case as a joke; as he thought it would be funny for the hotdog to accompany the SQuiRT on its journey. Everyone but Frank’s dog enjoyed the joke; Frank had to buy his dog a new toy shortly after the SQuiRT left.

This plastic squeaking dog toy is in the shape of a hot dog.  Written on it is "Good Luck WAA-08 pilots!"
Frank used his dog’s favorite toy to wish the WAA-08 pilots luck!
The good luck hot dog rests beside a grill while someone places a real hot dog on a bun.
Several pilots used the hot dog toy to pose for fun pictures, like this one of some lunch. Photo by Pilot #19, Ron A.
The SQuiRT model airplane poses with two Squirt soda cans and the good luck hot dog.
Someone found out that there’s a soda brand called Squirt and included two (empty) cans with the model. Here Pilot #125, Joe P. poses with SQuiRT with the refreshments.

The SQuiRT would have never completed the 26,587 miles without the financial help from the pilots. The WAA-08 prop fund was set up to provide money for replacement parts. The pilot’s assistance fund was dedicated to paying for pilots’ gas since the plane had to be handed off from one pilot to the other. Both funds were based on the honor system and were kept track of by the WAA-08 treasurer. Donations kept the funds from running dry and kept the SQuiRT on its journey.

A manila envelope is covered with notes of amounts and names, tracking the money for the gas assistance fund.
A manila envelope tracked the donation money for the gas assistance fund.
Some handwritten tracking notes and some cash were found inside the envelope in the pilot's assistance fund.
The WAA-08 pilots were a trusting bunch, including cash for the donations to be used as needed.

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