WAA-08 Exhibit: Photographs

Wings Across America 2008:  The Journey of the SQuiRT, The Exhibit

The Wings Across America 2008 exhibit at the National Model Aviation Museum contains the SQuiRT, the famed Good Luck hot dog, the radio equipment, and a sample of the types of spare equipment and other items that were stored in the travel box.  Also on exhibit are the four collages documenting its journey.

The complete WAA-08 exhibit from far away.
The Wings Across America 2008 exhibit at the National Model Aviation Museum.
One side of the WAA-08 exhibit has the SQuiRT hanging above a shelf full of artifacts.
A close up of the artifact side of the Wings Across America 2008 exhibit.
Another view of the artifact side of the WAA-08 exhibit gives a good view of the information on the travel case along the back wall.
Another view of the SQuiRT and other artifacts in the WAA-08 exhibit.
Exhibited artifacts include the hot dog good luck toy, the DX6 transmitter and a Squirt soda can.
A close-up of the artifacts on the WAA-08 exhibit.
The SQuiRT model airplane is exhibited so that it is flying towards the viewer.
The SQuiRT model airplane on exhibit in the Wings Across America 2008 exhibit.
For poster-sized collages filled with images taken during the SQuiRT's journey are framed in black frames.
The four collages documenting the Wings Across America exhibit in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 are on one side of the exhibit.
Spare parts were stored in plastic cases in the SQuiRT's exhibit case and are now displayed on the bottom shelf of the exhibit.
Some of the equipment and documentation that traveled around in the SQuiRT’s travel case.

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