WAA-08 Exhibit: Logbooks

Wings Across America 2008: The Journey of the SQuiRT, The Logbooks

Each registered pilot added one page to the SQuiRT’s logbook. By the end of the five-year journey, three logbooks were complete. On their page, the pilots included statements regarding the weather and the success or problems of the flight. Many pilots supplemented factual details of their flights with photographs and newspaper clippings.

Shown here are samples of the many entries that fill these pages.

In the bottom left corner there is a small drawing of a stick figure that says "WAA Rules!"
Page 37 of SQuiRT logbook number 1 (NMAM2013.47.32)
A picture of two people posing with the SQuiRT tops a page filled with text.
Page 71 of SQuiRT logbook 1 (NMAM2013.47.32)
Two men pose with the SQuiRT travelcase on one side of the page while a man and children poses with the SQuiRT on the other.
Page 106 of SQuiRT logbook 1 (NMAM2013.47.32)
The top of the page has handwritten text, the bottom is a pasted-in picture of a group posing with the SQuiRT.
Page 129 of SQuiRT logbook 1 (NMAM2013.47.32)
Printed text and pictures of pilots posing with the SQuiRT at a flying event.
Page 28 of SQuiRT logbook 2 (NMAM2013.47.33)
On the left is a page of printed pictures, on the right a page of handwritten text.
Page 31 of SQuiRT logbook 2 (NMAM2013.47.33)
A page full of handwritten text by pilot 230.
Page 53 of SQuiRT logbook 2 (NMAM2013.47.33)
A page full of handwritten text.
Page 75 of SQuiRT logbook 2 (NMAM2013.47.33)
A page full of typed text and SQuiRT pictures on the flying site in Muncie, IN
Page 5 of SQuiRT logbook 3 (2013.47.34)
There's two entries, both handwritten, on this page.
Page 25 of SQuiRT logbook 3 (2013.47.34)
This page is mostly typed and pasted in, but underneath the printed picture is a handwritten caption and up the side of the page is a handwritten note.
Page 29 of SQuiRT logbook 3 (2013.47.34)
This two page entry consists of a page of typed text and a full page of printed pictures.  One of the pictures shows a dog pawing the RC transmitter.
Page 39 of SQuiRT logbook 3 (2013.47.34)

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  1. I flew the Squirt in Oklahoma but I can’t remember my logbook entry or the date for that matter! It was at Baxter Field, Midwest City, Oklahoma. I think we also enclosed photos of the event, but again, years have passed and my memory isn’t clear. Is there any way I can be sent photos of the logbook or our club photos? Thank you so much! This was one of the most fun times I’ve had in the hobby!

    1. Hi, Chris! Yes, it is possible to get a picture of the logbook entry, as well as pictures provided by you/your club. Most of the photos are organized by the pilot number and club location, and there is no index to the logbook. In other words, it’s going to take us a bit to sort through these to find you, but it is doable! We’ll get them to you later this week at the email address you provided for your comment.
      ~Maria in the museum

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