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FAA Finalizes Process to Expand Remote ID Authorizations for Clubs Near Airports in Uncontrolled Airspace

On March 8, 2024, AMA and the FAA finalized procedures to expand Remote ID Authorization exemptions to include clubs on or near sensitive locations in uncontrolled airspace. Previously, only AMA clubs in controlled airspace with letters of agreement with air traffic control were eligible for this type of authorization; however, […]

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FAQs for Remote ID Sanctioned Event Waiver and Authorizations

Q. What are the available FAA waivers/authorizations for AMA sanctioned events? A. AMA sanctioned events are eligible for both Remote ID authorizations and/or altitude waivers. Remote ID authorizations are for any AMA sanctioned event. This authorization allows AMA members to operate at sanctioned events without broadcasting Remote ID information. Altitude […]

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