FAQs for Remote ID Sanctioned Event Waiver and Authorizations

Q. What are the available FAA waivers/authorizations for AMA sanctioned events?

A. AMA sanctioned events are eligible for both Remote ID authorizations and/or altitude waivers. Remote ID authorizations are for any AMA sanctioned event. This authorization allows AMA members to operate at sanctioned events without broadcasting Remote ID information.

Altitude waivers are only for events in uncontrolled airspace (Class G). They allow operations at these sanctioned events up to the upper threshold of Class G, either 700 feet or 1,200 feet, depending upon location.

Q. Who can receive the Remote ID authorization?

A. Any Contest Director (CD) or Event Manager (EM) that sanctions an event through AMA’s sanctioning process.

Q. Can I receive a Remote ID authorization for my sanctioned event in controlled airspace?

A. Yes.

Q. My event is at an FAA-Recognized Identification Areas (FRIA). Do I need to request a Remote ID authorization? Do I need to file a Notice to Air Mission (NOTAM)?

A. No. FRIA sites have already been authorized to operate without broadcasting Remote ID information. No further steps are necessary.

Q. My event is at a FRIA. Do I need to request an altitude waiver and file a NOTAM?

A. If your FRIA is located in uncontrolled airspace and you want to operate over 400 feet during a sanctioned event, you must request an altitude waiver, file a NOTAM, and provide that NOTAM number to AMA at waivers@modelaircraft.org.

Q. Is a Remote ID authorization all I need to conduct a sanctioned event in controlled airspace?

A. No. The Remote ID authorization only allows operators at the sanctioned event to fly without broadcasting Remote ID information. Sites in controlled airspace must also receive an airspace authorization. The three ways to do so are:

  • Operate at a site that has an existing LOA/7711-1.
  • Contact AMA to start the process to receive an airspace authorization.
  • Have all pilots at the sanctioned event request authorization through Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability (LAANC).

Q. I plan to file a NOTAM for my event’s altitude waiver. Do I need to file another one for Remote ID authorization?

A. No. One NOTAM will satisfy both requirements. Just be sure when you send the NOTAM number to waivers@modelaircraft.org, you include that your sanctioned event needs both the Remote ID authorization and altitude waiver.

Q. Do I need to complete this process for all of my sanctioned events?

A. Yes. A new NOTAM must be filed for each event and that NOTAM number must be provided to waivers@modelaircraft.org in order to receive the Remote ID authorization and/or altitude waiver for each event.

Q. How do I prove my sanctioned event has a Remote ID authorization and/or altitude waiver?

A. After you have filed a NOTAM for the sanctioned event, send the NOTAM number and type of waiver/authorization you need and AMA will issue your waiver/authorization certificate(s). Keep the certificate(s) with you during the sanctioned event in case it is requested by an FAA representative or law enforcement.

Q. How to file a NOTAM?

A. Filing a NOTAM is a pretty quick and easy process. Call (877) 487-6867. You will be prompted to answer questions such as latitude/longitude of event location (in degrees, minutes, seconds), event date/time, altitude flying to, etc. You must file prior to 24 hours of the start of your event, but we recommend filing within 7 days of the event so that you will immediately receive a NOTAM number. Detailed instructions on this process can be found here.

Q. I filed a NOTAM, now what?

A. Send the NOTAM number provided to waivers@modelaircraft.org and specify which type of waiver/authorization you are requesting. Remote ID authorization, altitude waiver, or both.

Q. What if I forget to file a NOTAM or forget to send the NOTAM number to AMA?

A. Your event would not qualify for the Remote ID authorization and/or altitude waiver. Participants would be required to broadcast Remote ID information and/or stay under 400 feet when flying.

Q. Why does AMA need the NOTAM number?

A. AMA is required to keep records for all sanctioned events that are operating under the Remote ID authorization and/or altitude waiver. These records are to be provided to the FAA upon request.

Q. How do I sanction an event?

A. Only CDs and EMs can sanction an event. To learn more about becoming a CD or EM, visit www.modelaircraft.org/events/become-an-organizer. To learn more about how to sanction an event, visit www.modelaircraft.org/events/competition-resources/competition-faq#SANCTION.

Q. How far in advance do I need to sanction my event?

A.  30 days is required for the sanctioning process.

Q. Can non-AMA members operate under the Remote ID authorization and or altitude waiver?

A. No. All operators at AMA sanctioned events must be AMA members.

Q. What about devices that are equipped with Standard Remote ID?

A. If Standard Remote ID is built into your aircraft, you cannot disable it regardless of where you are flying.