FAA Finalizes Process to Expand Remote ID Authorizations for Clubs Near Airports in Uncontrolled Airspace

On March 8, 2024, AMA and the FAA finalized procedures to expand Remote ID Authorization exemptions to include clubs on or near sensitive locations in uncontrolled airspace. Previously, only AMA clubs in controlled airspace with letters of agreement with air traffic control were eligible for this type of authorization; however, after months of AMA/FAA collaboration, the FAA will now begin granting Remote ID Authorizations that exempt AMA club sites in Class G airspace from Remote ID for a period of four years. This authorization will essentially provide the same type of Remote ID relief as a FRIA, but without the official FRIA designation.

This new process is great news for previously denied club sites, and for future sites that might be located on or near Class G public airports and other sensitive locations. AMA is confident that this new process will provide relief to most of the clubs that were previously denied FRIA status at their flying site within uncontrolled airspace to be able to fly without having to meet Remote ID requirements.

In 2024, AMA has already been successful in obtaining a process to fly up to 1,200 feet in Class G airspace for sanctioned events, finalizing a process to exempt non-FRIA sanctioned events from broadcasting Remote ID information, and securing this new FAA Authorization process for denied FRIA sites in uncontrolled airspace. Rest assured that AMA will continue to work with Congress and the FAA to continue to reduce the burdens facing our hobby. For FAQs regarding AMA sanctioned event altitude waivers and Remote ID exemptions, please click here.

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