AMA Continues Work to Lessen Restrictions on the Hobby

AMA continues its work to reduce the unnecessary restrictions that have been placed on our hobby.

Recently, AMA has been successful in gaining FAA-Recognized Identification Area (FRIA) status for 1,835 of our chartered club flying sites, receiving an alternative process to exempt operations at sites previously denied FRIA status from broadcasting remote identification information, as well as receiving Remote ID exemptions for our sanctioned events.

In addition to relief from Remote ID requirements, AMA has also secured high-altitude operations at some of our fixed sites in controlled airspace and at sanctioned events in uncontrolled airspace.

AMA is known within the UAS industry as having the largest community of safe model aircraft operations in the nation. It is because of this reputable safety culture that we have been able to secure all of these authorizations and exemptions.

It is imperative that we remain the gold standard of safety in order to maintain these allowances into the future. All AMA members should always follow AMA Safety Programming, including rules specific to their flying site(s), as well as all applicable laws and regulations.

We have several resources on our AMA Government blog that will help members stay informed and compliant. This blog gives an overview of current requirements to operate recreational model aircraft. If you have any further questions or concerns, contact the Government Affairs department at (765) 287-1256 or