New Addition: Surveryor’s Wheel

Besides model airplanes, the museum also collects artifacts that help tell the modeling story. One such artifact, a surveyor’s measuring wheel, arrived at the museum on 10/20/2017. Watch museum staff open the box and see the surveyor’s wheel for the first time on the museum’s Facebook page,

Michael and Claire open a large, rather flat box wrapped in packing tape while Dillon stands behind them and films on his cell phone.
Michael and Claire unbox the measuring wheel while Dillon films for Facebook Live.

Why a surveying wheel you ask? Early Free Flight contests were judged on distance, so a way to measure distance was needed! The surveyor’s wheel was a donated by David Lee Ingram of the Virtual Museum of Surveying.

On this c.1900 measuring wheel, the brass wheel has darkened to almost match the wood color of the handle.
A c.1900 Young and Sons Surveyor’s Wheel, donated by David Lee Ingram, Virtual Museum of Surveying.
This c1900 measuring wheel has a hand brake and a outer black rubber trend.
A close up of the wheel.

Thanks to the Virtual Museum of Surveying for helping to grow our museum’s collection!

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