New Addition: Chronometer Cases

During World War II many modeling companies switched their primary focus to producing war materials. Megow’s was no different, and during the war, they used their kit manufacturing equipment in many ways. One of the products produced was the brass case for a ship’s chronometer (the interior components and wood box were manufactured by others). Paul Keefe, a former Megow employee, kept some of the brass cases, as well as the wood boxes they were sent for test-fitting, after the end of the war. Two brass cases, as well as a brass case set into the wooden crates were recently donated by Paul’s children – Edie, Judy and Paul.

The brass case of a ship's chronometer is nestled into two wooden boxes. Although the chronometer is empty, the Megow Company put in a paper clockface that reads "Megow's" below the 12.Thank you for helping to grow the museum’s collection!

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