Kwik-Fli, Slow Build: The other build log, pt. 1

Header graphic for the Kwik-Fli, Slow Build blog series, but a different graphic for the break.  This one shows a partially built B-17 kit with a red side bar.Beppe’s taking a break from building right now, but the museum still has information to share!

Why are we sharing Beppe’s work log? Why not something older? Those are good questions! In truth, Beppe’s work log is the first the museum has received that documents work on a finished model airplane, and the work log itself is fully completed.

To demonstrate the importance of both the log and the model being complete, during the next few months we’re going to share the work log of an unknown modeler. He attempted to build a Cleveland B-17 Flying Fortress kit in 1946.

He started on September 25, 1946.

Scan of a "Time Card' documenting work on a Cleveland B-17 kit. This log is a graph and two lines are completed, one for 9/25/1946 and one for 9/26/1946. ON each day the modeler "Trim. bulkheads & formers" for a total of 6 hours of work.

Six hours of work trimming bulkheads and formers is a pretty good start, right?

Close-up of various balsa wood kit pieces that have been sanded.

Follow along during the next few months to find out how far he gets!  Next post: August 15, 2019

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