Kwik-Fli, Slow Build: 26 February 2011

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26 February 2011. I opened the Wing Kit (Jensen) and I found a lot of material. I’m quite sure that the wing, even if the overall dimensions are the same as the Mk. III version, is built following differently from the Top Flite one. Included in the kit there is a complete Mk. II drawing, with the assembly sequence.

Scan of four lines of printed black text on a white page. Text is is transcribed in this blog post.
Scan of the first few lines of the entry in Beppe’s log for 26 February 2011.

This is handy as I have the drawing for the fuse and the stab as well. This time also the Paint Scheme will be scale! It is even easier than the Bar Fly; the only difficult part will be to find a Blue dark enough to cover the “orange” on the fuse. On the wing and the stab, first covered in white, I can lay down the Blue and then go around it with the Orange; I do not feel like to do the same with the lightning on the fuse, so I’ll need something very dark! I might probably cheat a little bit and use Black instead of Blue, or use two layers, one black, and one blue on top!

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