Kwik-Fli, Slow Build: 13 March 2011

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Giuseppe “Beppe” Fascione’s first entry for the Kwik-Fli Mk. II reproduction was in late February 2011, but it wasn’t until March 13, 2011 that he started an overall information page for the project. He updated this page as the project progressed and finished.

To avoid date confusion, this is the only one of Beppe’s entries that we are not sharing on the original date, and we are including some minor commentary regarding the provided information.  And now, without further ado.  It is time to officially let Beppe’s words take over.

Black printed text on a white page. Text reads, "Fairfax, March 13th, 2011 Modello : Kwik Fli Mk. II N.90 Modello: by Phil Kraft, 1965"
Title on the first page of Beppe’s work log.

Fairfax, March 13th, 2011

Modello: Kwik Fli Mk. II N.90
Modello: by Phil Kraft, 1965

Black and white photo from a magazine showing three modelers posing with their models, two of which are Kwik Fli Mk. II's.

After a successful (but short lived) attempt in 2008, I’ve decided that in 2011 I’ll build another Kwik Fli Mk. II. To be more precise, I’ll build four Phil Kraft’s planes, the Ugly Stik, the Kwik Fli Mk. II, the Mk. III and the Midwest kitted Flea Fli + 10%. I have a complete kit for the Mk. III and a wing kit for the Mk. II. So the only real “scratch-built” part will be the Mk. II fuse and tail. I did it once already, I can do it twice!

Scan of a MRC-Enya 60 II TV ad from the January 1967 Model airplane News. Ad shows Phil Kraft filling the gas tank on the Kwik-Fli Mk. II, a drawing of the engine, and a paragraph of text.

After a lot of thought and test, I’ve decide to use on this a/c the ENYA 60 III with a G-8 Carb on a back plate. It’s an engine I had planned to install on the Mk. III, but then I discovered the Top Flite kit calls for wood bearings, so I decided to use a Kraft 61 there. Additionally, Pete Waters modified my Kraft KP-4B transmitter, utilizing the guts of a basic Futaba FM transmitter, giving me not much, but at least the reverse switches!!! Therefore the airborne system can be Futaba, with modern 72mHz receiver and modern servos; the transmitter can be a modern Futaba with Dual Rates and Expo for the Pattern flights and the original, metal case Kraft 4B for the Concourse flights! Best of both worlds!

As usual, I like to prepare my table with all the basic data.


Wingspan           cm. 152      ,      60.0”
Mean Cord          cm. 28.0     ,     11.0”
Wing area           dmq. 42.56  ,    616.00sq. in.[*[
Length                 cm. 122.0   ,     48”
Wing Section        Fully Symmetrical 18%
Weight               gr. 2,600      ,      92.00 oz.
Wing Loading    gr./dmq 61.00    ,    19.50 oz/sq.ft.
Engine                    Enya 60 III w/G-8 Carb
Tank                                   Kraft 8 oz.
Radio                          Kraft KP-4B/Futaba
Servi                                   Futaba
Battery                              Home Made

Construction Start 13 March 2011
Construction End 15 November 2012
1st Flight 16 November 2012

[*] – the Jensen wing kit gives the wing area as 620 sq. inches.

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