New Addition: Flitecraft 152 Aerobat Kit

Flitecraft was a family run business out of Kansas that made ARF kits during the second half of the 20th century.  This Cessna A152 Aerobat kit from the mid-1990s is part of their Open the Door series, which allowed for access to all the radio components in a single spot underneath a hatch in the fuselage – thus combing ease of use and a scale appearance.  This kit was donated by William M. Conradi in honor of Gary Leonard Sr.

The large box is pretty dirty and beat up, but the outline of the fuselage is clearly printed on the left half of the box lid.  A working door is cut out in the cardboard.
Flitecraft 152 Aerobat kit, part of the “Open the Door” series of the mid-1990s. Donated by William M. Conradi, in honor of Gary Leonard, Sr.
A color photograph of an open door on a built model's fuselage is surrounded by the words, "Open the Door - work a bit -then close the door and go flying today" on this Flitecarft 152 Aerobat kit.
A close-up of the box lid shows the promotional wording and open door concept.
The kit is ready to assemble, complete with the Aerobat's signature red and blue check pattern already printed on the model.
The kit comes with a completed fuselage, tail and wings.

Thank you for helping to grow the collection, Bill!

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  1. After years of struggling for every inch of altitude with gliders and 550 motor powered planes in the 80s and 90s, I finally had enough money to buy my first .40-sized plane and engine -and it was the Flitecraft 152 Areobat. I flew it for years until the firewall finally vibrated loose. It was the first engine-powered RC plane I ever had. I have this old picture of it setting out by my desk and decided to see if I could find some reference to it on the internet and found this! What a treat to see it new in the box again. It really warmed my heart -like seeing an old friend and to recall the great times I had with it. Thank you so much for sharing the pics with us!! -Ryan Livingston (Sept 2009 Model Aviation – Cardboard Condor)

  2. Hi There,
    I just purchased one of the Flightcraft 152 Aerobats it looks awesome but it is missing the manual, anyway to make a copy of the manual? happy to pay for you time

    Thanks again
    Dan Sciacca

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