New Addition: Sterling Command Master

This Sterling Models Command Master single channel radio system contains a transmitter with a dial handle and a receiver unit consisting of the receiver and actuator.  It is so new in the box that the antenna hasn’t been removed.  We’re quite pleased that Harold R. Moore donated the system to the collection, but we do have one question:  what does the box mean when it says “proportional rubber with throttle control?”

Sterling Command Master Radio Control System is in a white cardboard box with red and black text.

The transmitter, receiver unit, antenna and charging unit are still unused and original in the Sterling Master Commander's packaging.

Thank you Harold for helping us to grow the museum’s collection!

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  1. It’s a misprint, not a dirty joke. Sterling made nice models back in the day. I still have they’re 33 1/2″ Citabria (Kit# E-5) still in the box, complete, & unstarted in my closet.

    1. Dan,

      You’re right about Sterling making some great models long ago. I built quite a few of them over the years, mostly Ringmasters and other controline planes, but a couple of R/C models as well. I had a controline kit of the Fokker D VII and if I recall correctly, the plans showed you how to rig the controls so that the control stick and rudder pedals in the cockpit would work the flying surfaces. Obviously, this would be for making a display-only model.

      I still have their kits of the PT-17 giant scale bipe, the Waco SRE and the Stinson Reliant which I hope to build someday with electric power, not to mention the Rimfire and Lancer SL-62. So many kits, so little time.

      1. We have the Waco SRE and the Stinson Reliant in the collection. They are great kits. Sending best wishes for all the building projects you have!

    2. Dan, Sterling did make great kits! We have the Citabria one you mentioned in the museum – it is a beauty! Sounds like a great building project.

  2. The throttle was run by a rubber powered throttle escapment that plugged into the receiver with two spade type connectors.I have one listed on e-bay (bigmax1935)on this date 11 23 2019 .Sorry but I no longer belong to AMA .Age 84, tremors,& bad eyes. This may help,Max

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