New Addition: OQ-19 Propeller

Beginning in 1948, the OQ-19 target drone was used for decades to train anti-aircraft gunners. The drone was catapult-launched and controlled by radio while gunners tried to shoot it down. Once contact with the radio system was lost, the model came to the ground under parachute before being retrieved. One of the retrieved drones had a prop chipped beyond use. The prop was kept and passed along to Bill Fort. Bill and his wife Lucille saved the prop for several years before deciding to donate it to the museum to display with the OQ-19 in the museum’s Models at Work gallery.
The red tips of this prop are chipped, but it will soon be going on exhibit with the OQ-19 target drone in the museum's gallery.

Thank you Bill and Lucille Fort for helping grow the museum’s collection!

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  1. I have what I think is an identical propeller that’s been in my family for over 60 years and have been trying to determine what model drone it came from. Is the propeller you have 44in.long?

    1. Hi, Mr. Brown. Our prop is 42″ long. It is stamped “22048 SERT 910″and manufactured by “US PROPELLERS.” Good luck ID’ing yours!

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