Preservation Week 2014

Do have a model that has special memories attached?  Or the trophy that you won that you are really proud of?  Learn how you can give your treasures the best care by participating in National Preservation Week, April 27, 2014 to May 3, 2014.


During Preservation Week 2013, the National Model Aviation Museum posted a blog series offering advice on preserving artifacts related to model aviation.  Keep an eye on the museum’s blog this year to see how the museum wraps and stores large model aircraft in its collection.

More preservation resources can be found on Preservation Week’s homepage.  There you can also find links to webinars, speakers and events in your area.

AMA members are always encouraged to contact National Model Aviation Museum staff to ask questions regarding the long-term care of their papers, photographs and artifacts.  Feel free to ask your questions to the museum’s blog, Facebook page, or by emailing staff directly or at

Documents stored in acid-free file folders.

With everyone helping, we can continue to preserve and tell model aviation’s story for many, many years to come.

Update!  Here’s the post on storing large models in our collection.

Sponsored by the ALA’s Association for Library Collections and Technical Services and partner organizations, Preservation Week will inspire actions to preserve personal, family and community collections of all kinds, as well as library, museum and archive collections. It will raise awareness of the role libraries and other cultural institutions can play in providing ongoing preservation information.  More information can be found at:

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