Byron Originals Mustang Restoration

Several years ago, the Acquisition Committee approved the donation of a Byron Originals P-51D Mustang from the collection of Gordon Ingram.  After its acceptance, multiple conversations between the donor, the museum and a shipping company planned out the model’s arrival.  Unfortunately, the shipment was not smooth, and the Mustang arrived heavily damaged.  2009.47fuselage_cracks

Damage included a cracked fuselage, punctures in the wing, bent landing gear, and multiple scratches. 


 Photographs of damage to the Byron Originals P-51D Mustang, 2009.47.01.


Volunteers and museum staff have been working to restore the model ever since.  Work has included building a sub-structure inside the fuselage in order to reattach the cracked fiberglass skin, gluing and filling all the cracks, and then building up the trailing edge of the wing. 


All of these repairs marred the bright yellow color of the R.A. Bob Hoover’s “Ole Yeller” scale details, meaning that everything then had to be sanded down and primed. 

2009.47wing_primedTo complete the work, a lower cowl needs to be replaced and the canopy installed before the scale details can be replicated in paint and decals.   We would also like to install a working tail wheel retract assembly.  We don’t have the parts to do the work. 

 Do you know where we can find any of these?  If so, contact Maria at  Again, those parts are a:
• Lower cowl
• Canopy
• Tail Wheel Retract System

2009.47donated_partsMany thanks go to Marvin Ingerson and Mitchell Shore for the donated propellers, spinners, gear reduction system and belts, and other components that will be used to complete the restoration.


    1. Iron Bay did acquire all the Byron parts and things. We’ve been trying to work with them, but thought we would ask others as well.

  1. I have a canopy. I will send it to headquarters if you like. I am Michael E Brown the past AMA VP so you have my contact info its all still the same…

  2. I have one that I think would work, either Byron or Bud Nosen, measure 17+1/4 in. Long, 7+1/4 in. wide. Canopy frame is molded in. Email the dimension, estimated, that you need.

  3. i picked up a byrons p51 mustang 1987 model. old design. im looking for the owners manual/instructions for this airplane. iron bay i guess is out of buissnes. anyone?

      1. Hi, I see that you offered to help with a manual for byron p-51. Can you still? I contacted Ed and am making contact with all possible sources.

        Thanks, Harry

        1. I should be able to help with some of the assembly instructions. I have the first generation model and info. Jim C

          1. Hi Jim, I just got time to comeback to this and what a pleasant surprised to find your reply. I am the second owner of the 1st generation model, some of it looks O.K., some does not. I think I have all the drawings. At this point I think I only need the instruction manual. If you can help me with this I would gladly pay for your time and whatever it cost. Are you doing any thing with yours?

            Thanks, Harry


        2. i just emailed the manual to you 5/13/2017. sorry been caught up in other things at the house.

  4. I have a NOS Byron P 51 fuselage from a model I bought in 1987 would any one have interest in it? I’m thinking of putting it on ebay some one might need it

  5. Hi, Do you still have this? Do you have the building instruction manual? Where are you located? How much? Thanks, Harry

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