Thanks for the Club Memories!

Conversations around the Thanksgiving table tomorrow will, at some point, surely, turn to memories and funny stories from the olden days.  Just like, equally surely, conversations do at club fields and flying events. 

There isn’t enough room in the museum to fly a model, and eating in the gallery is a bad idea, but the museum does want to hear your story.  Especially, the stories of your clubs and the friendship and perseverance you share.  How to do this?  The best way is to contribute your club history to the History Program, or donate club memorabilia to the museum collection.

The Piqua Flying Indians, an inactive club in Piqua, OH, have done both.  Former club member, Paul A. Moorman submitted a written history of the club, as well as an original patch.  He even went so far as to have a reproduction patch made for exhibit purposes, as the original is too fragile to display.

PiquaFlyingIndiansoldPiquaFlyingIndiansnewpatchThanks to the people and clubs that have shared the stories already this year:

flyingdevilspatchThe Flying Devils of Pittsburgh is another inactive club.  The Crespo Family shared one of the remaining patches with us.

TexomaRCpatchThe Texoma RC Modelers shared a club patch.

 So did the Kent County Aeromodelers. kentcountypatch

The Deep River RC Flying Club took a different tact and donated a lapel pin. DeepRiverRCpin

These groups shared their club history:

These Auglaize Buzzard Baiters 
Burlington Model Airplane Club
Casa Grande RC Flyers (CGRC Flyers)
Central Ohio Free Flight Club (COFFC)
Highland Lake Flyers, Inc.
Milwaukee Association of Radio Control Clubs – AMA Chapter #7
Monmouth Model Airplane Club
Rainbow Aero Modelers Society (RAMS Club)

Also, thanks to the Cedar Rapids Skyhawks, for donating a Testors Fly’em Sopwith Camel ARF kit.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Now it is your club’s turn!  What stories do want the museum to preserve?  Either contact Jackie at to discuss writing a narrative for the History Program, or contact Maria at to arrange to donate club memorabilia.

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