Behind Glass

“I love the old: when it’s behind glass.  Thank God for 2.4.”

This comment was recently left in regards to the museum’s radio control equipment exhibit, which encourages visitors to leave comments and information about the radios on display. 

It raises a good point – the past is the past, and there were some great times.  But sometimes, things were frustrating and they didn’t work.   Sometimes we’re glad the past is the past. Annco Multi-Servo, 2002.88.39

What technology and equipment are you happy to see extinct?  Let us know, either through the comments, or the museum’s Facebook page.

World Engines Transmitter, Blue Max System, 2005.54.17Bonner VariComp Escapement, 2008.15.03

Citizan-Ship Radio Transmitter box, 2002.88.39

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