New Museum Patron Promotion

Starting February 1 through August 31 2013, anyone who signs up to be a National Model Aviation Museum Patron will receive a coupon for 20% from the AMA Plans Service. The 20% off will apply towards your entire plans purchase. The AMA Plans Service offers roughly 18,000 aircraft plans for sale.  Detail of a model airplane construction plan.

New Museum Patrons will also receive the museum’s exclusive quarterly newsletter, Cloud 9. This publication shares background information about the museum, upcoming museum events, new acquisitions and exhibits. All Museum Patrons will also receive a free admission into the AMA National Model Aviation Museum and 10% off purchases in the museum store.

Your contribution as a Museum Patron will assist the museum with preservation, security, and storage of its collections. Your contributions also make possible quality exhibits, lighting and other refinements.

Become a Museum Patron

National Model Aviation Museum Gallery, Scale exhibit.Helping the National Model Aviation Museum preserve the great history of aeromodeling by becoming a Museum Patron is easy:

Step 1: To be become a Museum Patron simply visit-

Step 2:  Select the patron category you wish to be in.
         –$25 Patron:  Receives Cloud 9, pin, patch, and museum sticker
         –$100 Supporting:  Receives Certificate of Patronage, Cloud 9, pin, patch, and museum sticker
        –$500 Sustaining:  Receives Plaque of Patronage, Cloud 9, pin, patch, and museum sticker
         –$1,000 Life:  Life Patronage Plaque, Cloud 9, Life pin, patch, and museum sticker. Life Patrons pay a one –time fee and continue to receive patron benefits every year.

**If you would like to make a donation to the museum, without receiving patron benefits, select the “other” option and include another amount.

Step 3:  Proceed to check-out at the bottom of the page, and fill-in the billing information on the payment screen. You will then begin receiving your Cloud 9 newsletter and the items that come with the Patron category you have selected.

Additional Information

You can also call Mandee Mikulski, Development Communications Coordinator at (800) 435-9262 ext. 277 to pay over the phone.

National Model Aviation Museum logo patch.

**Aside from Life Patrons, Museum Patrons will receive benefits for one year. To continue to receive benefits, including Cloud 9, patrons must renew their patronage once a year. Items such as pin, patch, sticker, plaques and certificates will only be given to first-time patrons, unless a patron becomes a higher level patron. Example:  A $25 Patron becomes a $100 Supporting Patron; they will receive a new certificate.

For more information on the Museum Patron program, and the National Model Aviation Museum visit:


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