1. Our neighborhood has an adult, non- AMA, individual flying daily over private land and over residences. He is also using a public road of take-offs and landings. It is a noise & safety nuisance, yet the adult flyer seems competent. Local PD are overwhelmed with other priorities. I will request he fly elsewhere. What is a better (or next approach)?

  2. Hi Jtlind,

    Your suggestion of politely approaching this individual is a good first step. Your concern is justified especially since he is not flying in his backyard, but instead over the properties of others while using public roads. While he may be an experienced pilot, this is dangerous. Plus his actions reflects badly on our hobby as we face pending regulations from the FAA. Invite him to become a member and fly on your flying site. If he is reluctant, encourage him to work out a partnership with a private property owner who can offer plenty of open land that is free from obstacles.

    I encourage you to also contact AMA’s Flying Site Coordinator Tony Stillman.
    Tony can be reached anytime at 912-242-2407 or via e-mail at FSAC@modelaircraft.org.

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