Is 72Mhz still legal to use?


72mhz-2I hope this got your attention!  YES it is!!  In fact a very large portion of AMA members still fly on 72Mhz.  Why? because good, used equipment is readily available at swap meets and on-line auction sites.  Many of these radios are full-featured sets with lots of programming and model capability.  Sure, you have to use a frequency pin at the flying site, but the fact is that many times, you may be the only one on your frequency or maybe even the only one at the flying site on 72MHz!  So, it is just like having your own private frequency.  Look for a full article in the September issue of Model Aviation Magazine or the Digital version of MA!


  1. Interestingly enough, the use of 2.4mh is not permitted on the Muroc Model Masters site on Edwards AFB. When asked “What about cell phones and wireless phones,” along with Kindles, etc, you just get a shrug. One colonel even wanted to make sure that the “radios in model rockets” were regulated!

  2. I am glad that it is still legal, for everything that I have is still on 72 Mhz, later down the road I want to change over to 24Mhz, but that is down the road.

  3. This is very good news, because PCM radios can’t be converted to 2.4Gig and I love my older Airtronics 7/8ch PCM radios Quantum and Spectra. The Spectra is still my favorite radio of all time. It was only available in PCM

  4. Its good to hear they still use the 72mhz frequency. But will there be a place where they will still be made. More of a retro radio manufacturer. That would be excellent to see.

  5. Thank you for publishing this. I use 72 MHz and occasionally get criticized by other club members who feel that 72 is unsafe or even illegal. Please spread the message. 72 MHz is still legal and just as safe as ever.

  6. It would be nice to see manufacturers still making the FM radios. They are more reliable for distance and regaining signal if ever. 2.4gig you have to pray that the signal reconnect is fast like FM.

    I still use my FM Futaba conquest with PPM. I like keeping it in mint condition. I use the 2.4 for the small airplanes and drones. The big ones get the FM.

  7. Thanks for this info guys I’m using an old Futaba FM radio for my old Nexus 30 upon purchasing my new align 700 with a new radio I was informed that my old FM may get interference and was told not to use it that freaked me out so by reading this kind of ease my mind thank you

  8. I’m still confused as to whether AM 72 mhz is legal. Looks like FM is, but can’t find a definitive answer about AM.

  9. Hello, I have a FP-6FG. It is an AM 72.630 42.
    I remember having Pete Waters do a conversion on a different radio with gold sticker . Is this radio ok to use, not sure how old it is but will it need narrow band conversion. Thanks

    1. I may have the same radio set. I bought it about 30 yrs ago, installed it, and crashed on maybe first flight with it. Saved all parts and now retired, so getting planes out again. Mine was never sent in for the ‘update’. I had left the hobby just before that was started. I hope someone will give us an answer.

  10. I have an old Airtronics Tx and Rx. Both are on Ch 44. The receiver is a 92262. Is there a 72mhz am channel?

  11. It is a legal frequency, but as you state, it must be narrow banded. You can Contact Radio South ( and they should be able to do it for you.

  12. I have a FP-TF-AM Futaba Radio. It has A GOLD r/cma RFcHECK ama. hOWEVER I LOST A RECEIVER TO THIS RADIO. cAN YOU ADVISE WHAT RECEIVER I CAN USE. I have a FP@127DF receiver, will this work with my transmitter?? I also have a Orange DRX R615 receiver, Will this work. Thanks for your help.

  13. I just bought a Kraft single stick. It doesn’t have a gold sticker on it but on the Kraft label on the bottom of the unit it shows 72.400 but on the top, in front of the antenna, it has a 72.790 ch50 sticker. This is a narrow band channel according to a chart I saw. Could this be gold stickered but maybe it fell off or was this an old wide band channel that maybe the owner had it changed to for some reason. I had to change a channel on my old Kraft radio in the 70s because of interference problem from some radio transmissions in my area. I don’t have a list of the old wide band channels to compare it with.

    1. Bill: Pull out the module on top and see if there is a gold sticker on the side of the module. If not, it would need to be gold stickers. 72.790 is a legal channel, but the gold sticker requirement means that it has been narrow-banded.

  14. Thanks for the answer but this is a series 75 with the crystal soldered to the board. I opened it up snd the frequency crystal matches the tag on top of the unit. But your comment will help because I bought another Kraft SS model 80 which does have the crystal module. This transmitter is gold stickered. Do you know if the 80 is AM or FM. Thanks agsin for your help.

  15. I’m a complete newbie, so sorry in advance for all the questions. I just inherited an old RC radio and would like to figure out if it’s useable. It’s EK-logictrol Champion. The unit has 4 servos and the frequency is listed on the unit as 72.320. Is this an AM or FM? How would I know if it’s a narrow band? What if it’s not? Do I need an FCC license to operate it? I also have a P-51 Mustang kit from Top Flite. My father-in-law recently passed away and had these, but never built or few the plane.

    Tim Smith

    1. The EK Logitrol is an AM radio. 72.320Mhz is now an illegal frequency, so it cannot be used. 10 years ago, you could have gotten that radio frequency changed to a new legal one (FCC changed our frequencies in 1991), but not today. 72Mhz is still legal, but the specific channel of 72.320 is not. You will need to find something with a CHANNEL # on it for it to be legal in the 72Mhz, but your best bet is to purchase something newer on 2.4Ghz. You can find good used units at in their Classified section. Or, just go to a hobby shop locally or online at

      1. Thanks so much for the quick response and information. Looks like a new 2.4 Ghz radio purchase is in my future!

  16. I have a used one I can sell to you I actually got a couple of them that I’m willing to sell I’m moving and I need the money more than the receivers if interested reply

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