New Additions: MQM-170A and MQM-170C

In 2003, Griffon Aerospace’s MQM-170A Outlaw was selected to be the next Remotely Piloted Vehicle Target (RPVT) for the US Army. This aircraft replaced Continental RPV’s 1/5 scale Su-25 Frogfoot and Mi-24 Hind-D helicopter as the primary training aid for the Stinger man-portable air-defense missile system, while also offering the capability to be a UAS trainer or reconnaissance aircraft.

The rugged composite low-cost airframe was designed for harsh field conditions and ease of repair, could be used with or without landing gear, and was typically launched from a pneumatic launcher and recovered by skid landing.

In 2012, the MQM-170C replaced the “A” model and is currently the basic UAS platform for the US military RPVT contracts. It is also fielded by the US Navy, US Marine Corps, US Air Force, and foreign allies.

Last month, Mr. Larry French, the CEO/CTO of Griffon Aerospace, donated and delivered examples of the MQM-170A and C Outlaws to the museum. They will be placed on display in the museum’s Miniature Aircraft at Work Gallery and will allow us to trace the development of small scale target drone aircraft, from Reginald Denny’s OQ-2A circa World War II, to the currently fielded aircraft.


  1. I have the following two items that the AMA Museum may be interested in obtaining for its collection:

    1) The original prototype of Harold deBolt’s All American control-line model. This model is powered by Harold’s Ohlsson-Forster hybrid glow engine conversion—an Ohlsson .23, with a Forster .29 front end. This model led to the first production kit run of the All American design. Condition: Although the model-engine combination is intact, the covering (silk span) and paint reflect the models age (about 70 years old). If desired, I can take photos and send them to you electronically.

    2) I have my original small engine dynamometer that I designed, developed, and used on many projects (published and not) over the past 50 years. It’s in good shape, and intact. Again, if you are interested in obtaining this one-of-a-kind engine development tool, I can provide electronic images.

    C. David Gierke
    AMA 35977; 2003 HOF

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