Kwik-Fli, Slow Build: 15 December 2011

Kwik-Fli, Slow Build Blog Series header graphic. With a close-up of the model's engine at center, the graphic is done in orange and blue.

15 December 2011. I’ve been lucky!!! I went to A.C. Moore and they have the back [black] tissue paper I was looking for! Now I can proceed with the Flea Fli and also dedicate some time to the lightning of the Kwik Fli II and the III!

 Bar Fli Weight Chart 2005 Kwik Fli Mk. II Weight Chart. 2011 Wing (+Servo) Gr. 543 Gr. 680 Fuse Gr. 428 Gr. 435 Sub Total 1 Gr. 971 Gr. 1,115 Servos (3) Gr. 153 Gr. 150 Landing Gear Gr. 120 Gr. 100 Wheels Gr. 120 Gr. 160 Fuel Tank Gr. 69 Gr. 60 Engine.+Muffl.+Spinner Gr. 489 Gr. 490 Engine Mount +Prop Gr. 122 Gr. 60 Battery, Switch, Rx Gr. 136 Gr. 180 Clear Coats - Gr. 250 Sub Total 2 Gr. 1, 209 Gr. 1,450 Total Gr. 2,180 Gr. 2,565

Scan of a picture from Beppe's log for 12/15/2011 showing a detail of the tail finishes.

Time for a holiday break!  Next post: January 15, 2020
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