Kwik-Fli, Slow Build: 23 November 2011

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23 November 2011. Today Tail Feathers (but I’ve been told is an obsolete expression…). Well, obsolete or not, today I covered in White Modelspan of the stabilizer and Elevator, Fin and Rudder of both the Mk. III and the Mk. II. They were 8 different pieces, to be covered both sides.

Scan of black, printed text on a white page. Scan shows the first 2 lines of Beppe's 11/23/2011 entry, reading, "Today, tail feathers..."
Scan of the first 2 lines of Beppe’s November 23, 2011 entry.

Once again, real attention had to be paid in order not to impregnate with water the 1/16th covering of the stabilizer. I didn’t prepare the wood; I sprayed water very sparingly and then applied the glue mostly on the borders. I’m quite pleased with the result. By the way, the Stik stabilizer looks fine, once completely dry!

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