Kwik-Fli, Slow Build: 22 November 2011

Kwik-Fli, Slow Build Blog Series header graphic. With a close-up of the model's engine at center, the graphic is done in orange and blue.

Graphic showing a map of part of Virigina, the date of Nov. 22, 2011 and a rainly cloud.

22 November 2011. Today I covered the wing of the Mk. II and Mk. III in White. It was a strange day, gloomy and rainy. I was allegedly on vacation, but once again I worked for at least three hours, and very uncomfortably, as my office e-mail was not working. I had to use the phone and my private e-mail address: not an easy situation for sure! In any event, by the end of the afternoon, I had the two wings and the four ailerons fully covered in White. Tomorrow we will see…

Next post: tomorrow!

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