New Addition: Miss DARA

Recently, Travis Flynn and Dan Kane Jr. stopped by to talk about the Miss DARA pylon racer they donated earlier in the year. Designed in 2012-2013, this model was built in 2015 specifically for the 2015 F3T World Air Game Event in Dubai. Due to a problem with the fuel tank, it was only test flown there. The fuel tank problem was fixed, however, and this model won the 2016 Phoenix Pylon Race as well as the 2016 Nats.

Two men, both wearing blue Horizon Hobby polo shirts sit next to a radio control pylon racer model airplane.
Dan Kane Jr. (left) and Travis Flynn (right) talk about the Miss DARA pylon racer in July 2019. (2019.19.01)

Thank you Travis and Dan for helping to grow the museum’s collection!

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