Kwik-Fli, Slow Build: 3 November 2011

Kwik-Fli, Slow Build Blog Series header graphic. With a close-up of the model's engine at center, the graphic is done in orange and blue.

3 November 2011. Today I eventually cut the fin and rudder pieces, and put them on the fuse. I also took some pictures…

Scan of a picture from Beppe's Kwik-Fli reproduction work log. Picture shows a balsa framework ready to cover, complete with the tail properly cut.

It really looks like a Kwik Fli Mk. II, now! I still have to work a little bit the ailerons area, to be sure that everything fits and the hinges have some “meat” to glue on.

Scan of black printed text on a white page - text is from Beppe's work log for 11/3/2011 and read "it's really starting to look like a Kwik-Fli Mk. II now!"
It really looks like a Kiwk Fli Mk. II, now! – Beppe’s excited in this scan of his log entry!

The fuse also will require some additional sanding; the engine must be installed, with the muffler, to verify that there is enough clearance for all the components, needles included. Then I can really start thinking about covering…

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