Kwik-Fli, Slow Build: The other build log, pt. 5

Header graphic for the Kwik-Fli, Slow Build blog series, but a different graphic for the break. This one shows a partially built B-17 kit with a red side bar.Beppe’s taking a break from building right now, but the museum isn’t taking a break!

We’re currently sharing the work log of an unknown modeler who attempted to build a Cleveland B-17 Flying Fortress kit in 1946.

The unknown modeler spent another week working on the B-17 kit, cutting and gluing the spars.

Scan of a "Time Card' documenting work on a Cleveland B-17 kit. This log is a graph and only 2 lines filled out for 11/25 and 11/26 1946 when the modeler clut and glued intermediate spars, and then cut the stab's left elevator for a total of 6 hours.

But then, that’s it. Life got in the way, and he left the kit unfinished.

Close up of part of the Cleveland B-17 Flying Fortress kit showing the kit box and balsa pieces.

Oh, well, there’s more projects then time!

When’s Beppe coming back?  Find out during the next post on October 15, 2019.

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