New Addition: Pewter Mule

New on exhibit is the Pewter Mule, a model rocket powered by 24 D12 rocket motors and built by Kirby Hinson, Owen Morris and David Glock in 1979.  Conceived as a a simulation of an aborted shuttle launch, the Pewter Mule boosted a 1/40th scale Orbiter model to altitude before releasing the Orbiter to fly unpowered back to the launch area.  The Pewter Mule was donated by Joyce Morris, in honor of Owen Morris and Kirby Hinson.

The Pewter Mule, a large gray rocket with a 24 motor mounts is on exhibit in the Models at Work gallery in the National Model Aviation Museum.

For more information on the Pewter Mule, visit Johnson Space Center Radio Control Club’s website.

Thanks for helping to grow the museum’s collection!

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