4x a Grand Champion: From the 1976 Nats

The 1976 were billed as the 50th Nats, an anniversary celebration to go along with Bicentennial of the United States. Held at three sites in central Ohio, the 1976 Nats was a busy one – there was the traveling back and forth between locations for different events, as well as spending time with the 2000 or people present (competitors, helpers and officials).

The Nats was so busy that the program had lengthened to more pages than could comfortably be scanned for this blog post. Thus, check out just the highlights of the program by clicking the picture below.

1976 Nats Program Cover, Source: #0001 AMA Collection, National Model Aviation Museum Archives. (click the picture to read pages from the program).

The 50th Anniversary theme was proudly displayed everywhere – the program, of course, as well as hats, t-shirts, stickers and this patch.

This white sticker has AMA in red and the state of Ohio in blue. In white text over Ohio, "50th Anniversary Ohio 1976" is written.
Sticker, 1976 Nats. National Model Aviation Museum Permanent Collection, AMA Collection, 2008.05.147.

What did one have to do to compete? Well, fill out the entry form – on time! – for starters (an early promotional article for the Nats stressed the need for timely returns of the forms. Apparently there had been issues with late entries at previous Nats).

This single page form for the 1976 Nats asks for basic information rgarding your name, etc, but asks you to choose each event you are going to fly and provide other neccessary safety information.
1976 Nats Entry Form, from the National Model Aviation Museum Archives.

Bob Sifleet didn’t do too well competing in the Control Line events, but Chris Scott, flying the Little White Mouse, and helped by his mechanic and father Frank H. Scott, won 1st place in 1st place CL Mouse Racing Jr/Sr.

This small Control Line Model is painted all white and pretty beat up with chips on the wingtips and tail.
Little White Mouse, 1/2A Control Line Team Race Model Airplane. National Model Aviation Museum Permanent Collection, donated by Frank H. Scott, 2017.67.01.

Chris’ trophy looks pretty familiar –it is just a little smaller than Bob’s.

Trophy on a wood base supporting a curved metal support holding a banner and topped by a paper airplane. A small plate on the front says it is for 1st place at the 1976 Nats.
1st Place Trophy for 1/2A Control Line Team Race at the 1976 Nats, National Model Aviation Museum Permanent Collection, donated by Chris Scott, 2017.80.01.

Stay tuned for the concluding post of #SifleetFriday next week!  And, don’t forget, you can see Bob’s trophies in person at the museum between Memorial Day and Labor Day 2018.

For more information on the National Model Aviation Museum, including our location, hours and admission fees visit: www.modelaircraft.org/museum

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