4x a Grand Champion: From the 1960 Nats

In late July 1960, almost 1100 modelers descended on the Dallas Naval Air Station.

Bob Sifleet, of course, won Grand National Champion, but what else was going on? The museum’s collection gives some clues!

The contest’s program gives a pretty good overview of what all the contestants expected to happen.

The program cover of the 1960 Nats is hand drawn line art that was copied and re-printed. It proudly shows off the state of Texas and a flying model airplane.
1960 Nats Program, Source: #0001 AMA Collection, National Model Aviation Museum Archives. (click the pic to read the program!)

Frank H. Scott was one of the contestants.

This pressed plastic button is bight yellow and has a clear plastic slot at center where paper can be inserted to show off one's name. The badge was used by Frank Scott, number 3237, at the 1960 Nats.
1960 Contestant Name Badge, from the National Model Aviation Museum Permanent Collection, donated by Frank Scott, 2017.79.01

LeRoy Weber was also there as a scale judge. He apparently put some hard work into it, as Model Aviation reported, “it was evident that this was the most accurately judged Nats Scale event in many years. Not only were the dozens of tiny details of each model taken into consideration, but the models were also judged on scale finish” (October 1960).

The "official" version of the name badge for the 1960 Nats is a white plastic pressed button with a clear plastic area where paper can be inserted. Typed on the sheet is "LeRoy Weber Scale Judge."
LeRoy Weber’s button name badge from the National Model Aviation Museum’s Permanent Collection, donated by LeRoy Weber, 1996.65.07.

The Blue Angels had a performance planned, but the FAA grounded them saying the airspace was too crowded in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metropolitan area. Ah, well, hopefully everyone enjoyed the base swimming pool instead!

It was also hot. Bob remembers it as “beastly hot,” but a Texan put it “powerful warm.” However, you describe it; the temperatures were reaching about 125 degrees on the runways, according the magazine articles. Ouch!

Stay tuned for #SifleetFriday every Friday this summer! And, don’t forget, you can see Bob’s trophies in person at the museum between Memorial Day and Labor Day 2018.

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