New Addition: 1980s Frequency Scanner

Flying Field safety is important, which involves making sure that the radio frequencies in use are clear. To that end, it is good to add this Tandy Corp. Realistic PRO-2004 frequency scanner, used by the Northwest Radio Control Club, AMA #261 (Arlington Heights, IL) to the collection.

Scanner, mainly black plastic with yellow, blue and gray buttons and silver knobs. Taped to the top is a sheet of printed paper with instructions.
Realistic PRO-2004 frequency scanner, with attached notes about use. Donated by the Northwest Radio Control Club, AMA #261, 2018.20.

But, truthfully, the 1980s graphics on the box are what really make this a standout!

The top flaps of the cardboard box for a Realistic PRO-2004 frequency scanner are covered in color sketches of emergencies in progress all centered around a guy reading a newspaper on his couch.
Original box for the Tandy Corp. Realistic PRO0-2004 Frequency scanner.

Thank you NRCC for helping to grow the collection (and giving us some great ’80s flashbacks).

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