Ad, Cox/Sanwa #8020

The Cox/Sanwa radio system with manufacturer’s number 8020 was Cox’ basic system meant for beginners in the hobby in 1978-1979.  The system came with a transmitter, receiver, two servos and the misc. other equipment that always seems to show up with a new radio system.  It was part of their eponymous radio system line.

Done in bad black and white there's a lot of text on this page that sells Sanwa radio equipment.
1978-79 Tower R/C Hobbies Catalog.  National Model Aviation Museum Archives Collection, Manufacturers & Companies Collection #0043. Click to see ad in detail!

The Cox/Sanwa was the recommended radio for installation in the Cox Cessna Centurion trainer.  The ad notes that “any radio system would work,” but that the spots for the receiver and servos inside the model’s fuselage were already cut out to fit the 8020’s equipment so installation would be quick.  The other “best” option would have been Cox/Sanwa system 8022, a basic two-channel system with a single stick.

It takes a lot to fly a model airplane – find out what other item Cox recommended as a “must” to go along with the Centurion!

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